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Company Overview

Checkout Champ is another superior Konnektive product, the best technology in e-commerce product sales.


Solution Overview

It was designed to fill the gap in e-commerce on checkout pages, one-click upsell pages, subscription billings, etc... It was designed to eliminate all the clutter of having multiple plugins and apps to manage your business, and eliminating all the fees associated with those apps. It was designed to keep your store intact, but will significantly increase your conversion rates and increase your AOV. It also eliminates unnecessary transaction fees, while giving you total control of your checkout. You can also run multiple stores/sites into one Checkout Champ platform!


Services Offered

  • Enhanced e-commerce checkouts
  • True one-click-upsells
  • Total customization and control
  • Over 160 payment options
  • Over 500 integrations to run your business like TaxJar!

Partner Details

Partner Type: Technology Partner

Vertical Markets Served: Clothing & Apparel,Digital Goods,Health & Beauty


  (801) 362-0845

  2421 Calle Laurel
San Juan, PR 913 Puerto Rico

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Give it a try today and we'll give you a 14-day trial of the Checkout Champ product!

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