Company Overview

Xendoo is an online accounting & bookkeeping service. Our technology allows us to provide monthly plans that include bookkeeping, sales tax, tax planning, tax filing & a dedicated CPA team.


Solution Overview

We simplify your bookkeeping & accounting delivering the financial attention you deserve, unlike a traditional CPA relationship where the focus may not be on your big picture. We take a holistic & responsive approach to make your company finances operate faster & better. We digitally reconcile your books to provide you with financial reporting to stay on top of your business' financial health. By using Xendoo, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing to do what you do best. Build your business.


Services Offered

  • Expert bookkeeping, tax consulting, tax preparation and tax return filing support
  • On-time, up-to-date and accurate monthly financial reports
  • Access to dedicated virtual team of real people that cares with 24/7 access to financial reports
  • Best-in-Class Integrations: TaxJar, Xero, QBO, Stripe, a2X, Gusto, Expensify and more
  • Flexible subscription plan options allowing you to add-on multiple currency support at any time

Partner Details

Partner Type: Tax Advisor

Vertical Markets Served: B2B,Other,Services


  (877) 342-7763

  5900 North Andrews Avenue Suite 1100
, United States

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